When it comes to money, a little knowledge can go a long way.


Not sure how to save, what to budget or what’s worth the splurge? Bank of America has you covered with Better Money Habits, to help young people make sense of their money and take actions to improve their finances.

Better Money Habits provides free tools and resources that help people build financial know-how by making sometimes complicated personal finance topics digestible through hundreds of engaging videos, articles and resources. And it’s working!

Among the people who use Better Money Habits and the Spending & Budgeting tool, one in three grew their checking balance by 20 percent or more and one in four grew their savings by the same amount.

If you’re wondering how to buy a car, how to best pay off your student loans or how to navigate tax season, Better Money Habits breaks everything down for you.

Better Money Habits also offers a personalized collection of resources, tools and solutions to help you balance your priorities at every stage of life. Just answer a few simple questions, to get started, because let’s face it — adulting is complicated. But that doesn’t mean your finances need to be.

And the best part? Better Money Habits is free and available to all. Take a look at what Bank of America’s Better Money Habits has to offer.